• HAR TRU Court Image
The most traditional of tennis court surfaces is the soft surface court. Originally constructed of clay, the modern-day soft surface tennis court is constructed on a stone dust base and is topped with a layer of HAR TRU. HAR TRU tennis courts are slower, easier on joints and muscles, and are generally recognized as having a more enjoyable playability factor. Overall, HAR TRU courts make a fantastic recreational surface.

HAR TRU court require an annual maintenance which takes between 6-8 hours to complete. The court is essentially cleaned, scraped, freshened with new material, rolled to a firm feel, watered, and the lines prepared for play. During the season HAR TRU courts require a daily and weekly maintenance regimen. We can work with you to discover the best ways to help you cope with the types of issues you may face during the season.

While it seems that an annual maintenance routine may be a lot, it is an essential step towards keeping your court in shape every season. Customers who we have worked with in the past who have let their court “go” for a few seasons find that it is more difficult to get it back into shape and keep it that way as the years progress. That said, we understand that this plan isn’t for everyone and we will do whatever we can to help you keep your court in good shape and looking great!

We use only top-rated materials by HAR TRU & Edwards!